Letter to my best friend





You were named after a Gremlin because my da said you looked like one. A fitting name; you multiplied like crazy inside my heart. I wonder how many times I actually used it; I called you Giz, Gizzy, Magoo, buddy, pal, Gizmo dog, Mister Gizmo dog, Mister Giz, Mister Magoo – I probably called you Gizmo the least. You were white and pure and truly too good for this world. You lit up every room you walked into, put a smile on my face every time I saw you.

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Dealing with death as an atheist


My friend recently learned that her grandmother has died due to lung cancer, so this post is for her.

Two years ago, in March, my grandfather passed away. He was a lifelong smoker, and it caught up to him. Lung cancer. It all happened in an exceedingly short space of time. Into the hospital for a simple check, diagnosed with lung cancer, dead a few days later.

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