The Pros and Cons of Living Alone


After more than a year of searching for a place to live, dealing with one asshole realtor, and viewing some very questionable apartments, my girlfriend and I finally found and signed the lease on our first apartment one month ago. It’s still early days, but it’s starting to feel like home already.

There are upsides and downsides to no longer living with my family. Here’s a few.


The Pros:

  • Independence

It’s quite strange, suddenly having so much independence. After we signed the contract and the realtor handed us the keys and left, my girlfriend and I just looked at each other like… “What?”

It was like that moment in Skyrim when you leave the prison and are just left to your own devices in this massive world, with no clue what to do and no guidance. Awesome, yet overwhelming.


  • My clothes remain my clothes

I have two brothers. Now that I live with a girl, I don’t have to worry about anyone stealing my underwear. The same can’t be said for her, however.


  • Headphones optional

Eat it up, fellas. I now have the luxury of being able to listen to my music without headphones. (He typed, while home alone, listening to music, with headphones on.)


  • Chez Seán

I can now say such lines as “You’re under my roof now!”, “My house, my rules” and other classics. I have yet to have an opportunity to use any of these.


  • Eat whatever you want

I have a very limited palette. I have IBS, so there are a lot of foods that just make me bloated and feel horrible. On top of that, I have AS, so some foods give me a sensory overload. If I had any more letters I’d probably starve (and score twenty points in Scrabble).

Now that I buy all the food, I can pick things I know I can eat and like, and can try new foods without worrying about offending my mother if I end up not liking it or being able to eat it.


  • Privacy

It’s so refreshing having complete privacy. At home I would always stay in my room. Here, the entire apartment is my room. I can poop with the door open. I can walk around naked. (Or should I say, without being YELLED AT to “Put on clothes” and “See a therapist” and “Stop ruining Christmas dinner”).


  • Free to try new things

I don’t know if this is a common thing, but the few times I attempted something new in my house, like cooking, my family would take the piss and make me never want to try something new again. Now that I live in my own place, I can try the things I’ve always wanted to – painting, crafts, Mongolian throat singing.


  • Come one, come all

Having an apartment with a spare room, we can now have people to stay over. It feels so good to be able to say to someone “Sure just stay over in mine”. This would be more useful if I actually had any number of friends, and they didn’t live in the same town as me. I really want someone to stay over after a night out so I have someone to die with the next day.


The Cons:

  • Money money money

The biggest argument for communism is the prices of rent in this country. Our apartment is the nicest and biggest one we’ve seen at this price, but that doesn’t mean that rent doesn’t eat all our money.


  • No servants parents

We live alone, so now we have to do everything ourselves – cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. I never realised how often stuff needs to be done when I was at home, but the cleaning doesn’t phase me because we have a DISHWASHER. We never had one in my house, so this is a godsend. A machine expressly made for washing dishes. Technology has come so far, but at some point we’re just playing God.


  • You don’t own anything

We’re renting, so hardly anything here is ours. That means we have to be extra careful not to damage anything, and if we want to even put up a poster, we need to get permission from our landlord. So much for my indoor rock-climbing wall/sex dungeon.


  • Sometimes I don’t put food in my mouth hole

Because I’m usually here on my own, my bad eating habits are free to soar to their hearts’ content. I don’t eat terribly unhealthy…when I eat. It’s all too easy for me to go five hours without eating anything.

And I mean, I’m not exactly a big guy. I have to hold a bag of rocks when I step on the scales to get it to detect anything. (Not the same rocks from the rock wall, different rocks. No, YOU have too many rocks.) I need to eat MORE, not less.


  • Having to deal with the landlord

Does anyone like doing this? Our landlord is actually really good. When we moved in, the toilet had to be fixed and the shower had to be replaced. Just two weeks ago the fridge also had to be replaced. He gets everything sorted ASAP, but we still don’t like having to contact him when something goes wrong as it just feels like imposing.

We’re so socially awkward that asking for someone we’re giving €800 a month to to get something fixed presents a problem.


  • Out of the loop

Because I don’t talk to my family as much now, it feels a bit like I’m left out; I have no idea what’s going on in their lives or how they are and only see them maybe once a week when they come to visit. It’s jarring going from seeing someone for most of your life to hardly seeing them at all. I need to be updated on how their lives have been in complete shambles since I moved out.


  • No animals allowed

This is the absolute worst one. Our apartment building doesn’t allow animals, even to visit. I could go literally weeks without ever seeing another human being and be absolutely fine. But I’ve only seen my doggos once in the past month. It’s horrible.

When I wasn’t in work, I would either have my dogs or my girlfriend’s dog and cat to relieve all my stresses. Now I see no animals. There’s no joke here, I just really miss all my furry babies.


In Summary:

Like everything in life, there are positives and negatives to moving out of your family home, but if you want to grow as a person I believe it’s a necessary step. The pros absolutely outweigh the cons in my book, and we were very lucky to get a really nice apartment with a good landlord who gets stuff done.

It took us over a year to find a decent place, and thinking about ones we actually considered makes me cringe because they were terrible and we just desperately wanted to move out. So anyone looking to move out, keep your head up and honestly, don’t settle for a crap place, it’s worth the wait.

See ya soon 🙂



One thought on “The Pros and Cons of Living Alone

  1. Seán June 22, 2018 / 10:48 pm

    Haha Dixie man thanks a lot 😁 I’ll see ya in town this weekend if you’re out 🍻


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